AFL 2023: Don Scott quits Sam Newman podcast over ‘f**k you’ blow up, You Cannot Be Serious

Controversial AFL great Sam Newman’s podcast You Cannot Be Serious is facing an uncertain future after his co-host confirmed he was walking away from the project after a heated argument last week.

Former Cats star Newman chastised former Hawks premiership skipper Scott over eating on air, leading to Scott walking out and telling his co-host to “f**k off” as he left the studio in a now-deleted segment.

Scott returned to the show on Wednesday, seemingly to reveal that he would not return to the show after the pair’s falling out.

“You do whatever you want to do … (but) what is the point of trying to have a discussion with somebody who is going off their brain?” Scott asked.

“You do not talk to anybody no matter whether it is on-air or wherever in life when they are not rational, so you walk away.

“I’m not getting into this … This is like a domestic and nobody wins in a domestic.

“You can put your view as much as you like and I am not here to defend or whatever else.

“Everybody has a different personality. I am not in to conflict.”

Newman, who refused to believe he overreacted during the dust up, asked: “Can we finally say that you’re not going to do the podcast anymore? Is that what’s going to happen?”

Scott replied: “That’s fine at the moment, no.”

Newman then doubled down.

“This is history … This is breaking news,” Newman said. “Don has now left the building, as Elvis has, and he’s not going to do the podcast anymore.

“This is another show of disgraceful behaviour from someone who is acting like a child … it’s beyond belief.”

Newman later posted on social media, seemingly revealing he wouldn’t do the podcast anymore.

On Instagram, he posted: “Won’t do it without Don, and even if he reconsiders, it will not be the same. So …”

He also finished the video spruiking the podcast saying: “You Cannot Be Serious, I don’t know if we’ll be on again but who cares.”

Speaking to the Herald Sun after the podcast dropped, Newman labelled Scott’s exit a “pathetic act of treachery”.

“I am a friend of Don’s, yes, nice to know who you are dealing with though, someone who won’t stand up and face the music if you have a disagreement, not sure how that works,” he said.

“Walking away from something shows a complete disregard for any relationship you have had in the past.

“That is just a pathetic act of treachery.”

The issue erupted during last Wednesday’s show when Newman erupted over Scott eating and fiddling with his microphone during an interview with veteran sports writer Ken Piesse.

“Holy shit. Jesus Christ, if you touch that f**king thing again. Stop it, I’m serious, f*** you, God almighty,” he said, according to The Herald Sun.

Newman went on to say: “I can’t do it. If you could f**king do something properly for once in your f**king life, don’t touch the microphone and speak into it and stop eating. F**k. Go out, go home.”

As Scott appeared to walk away, Newman said: “Good, f**k off”.

Newman and Scott have both spoken publicly since the argument with Newman admitting he “temporarily lost it”.

He said Scott broke a microphone and headphones.

Newman’s podcast project has repeatedly made headlines for drama behind the scenes. Veteran football journalist Mike Sheahan in 2020 quit the show as a result of the scandal that surrounded Newman’s comments about Nicky Winmar.

Newman has continued to make headlines recently for his divisive comments on the upcoming Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum.

Newman last month made a public call for football crowds to boo the Welcome To Country held before the AFL Grand Final.

In an appearance on a Rebel News podcast last month, Newman made the ugly comment that there was “nothing here” in Australia before the arrival of the First Fleet in 1787.

— You can read the full transcript of Newman’s podcast blow up in The Herald Sun

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