AFL grand final: Carrie Bickmore apologises to Brodie Grundy over Collingwood blunder

Of all the reminders Brodie Grundy will get about not playing in Saturday’s AFL Grand Final, Carrie Bickmore’s is the most savage.

The popular drivetime radio queen on Tuesday committed one of her most awkward blunders after inviting the footy star to appear on her afternoon radio show as a special treat for co-host Tommy Little.

It did not go well.

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Grundy was invited on as a kind gesture to Little, a self-proclaimed Collingwood Magpies fanatic.

With the ‘Pies in Saturday’s Grand Final at the MCG, Grundy was given the call up to speak about the football club’s big weekend.

The only problem, of course, is that Grundy no longer plays with Collingwood and was sensationally shown the door at the end of the 2022 season.

It’s why Little was left speechless when trying to work out why Bickmore and producers had organised for Grundy to appear on the show.

Grundy is again at the centre of huge rumours swirling around the AFL with reports he has already settled on being traded to the Sydney Swans after a challenging year with the Melbourne Demons where he was ultimately dropped to play in the reserve grades despite holding a contract reported to be worth more than $1 million per-year.

After such a turbulent 12 months, the last thing Grundy needed was a very blunt, public reminder his former team has gone on to make the grand final without him.

“I have a surprise guest coming up next that I think you’ll love,” Bickmore said on Tuesday’s Carrie and Tommy Show across the Hit Network.

“It’s a little present for you for grand final week because I know your team has made it to the grand final and you will chat with this delightful guest.

“It’s a very special weekend for you. It’s all you’ve been talking about off-air so we thought, ‘Why not let you nerd out on air a little bit’. Your team has made it to the grand final.”

When beginning to introduce Grundy after the ad break, Little looked a little perplexed right from the start when Bickmore referenced a gag he had previously done.

“Last time you saw the guest we’re about to speak to next, he watched you in a baby pool learn to swim,” Bickmore said.

Little cut in to explain the back story of his learn to swim stunt where he was forced to do a swimming lesson with toddlers at a local pool – and the gag just happened to unfold at the same local pool where Collingwood players were holding a training session, able to watch Little’s antics unfold.

“One of those guys who did watch you was Brodie Grundy,” Bickmore said.

“Welcome Brodie.”

Little was seen squirming in his seat in a video of the mortifying incident that has since been posted on the show’s Instagram page.

With a baffled Little seemingly unable to speak after the introduction, Bickmore said: “Why are you so confused?”.

This is how the awkward conversation played out.

Tommy Little: Carrie do you know what’s happened here? Brodie, does Carrie know what’s happened here?

Brodie Grundy: This is awkward, aye.

Carrie Bickmore: What’s happened?

TL: Carrie do you honestly not know what you’ve done.

CB: No

TL: Hey, Brodie, firstly brother, how are you going

BG: I’m good. How are you? I’m actually in your ‘burbs at the moment. I’m with another Collingwood player Tom Langdon.

TL: Oh my god

*Laughing heard in the background.

CB: What’s happening? I’m confused. You know I know nothing about football. If this is football related then I don’t know what you’re talking about.

TL: Would you call this a massive cock-up Brodie?

BG: That’s one way to describe this situation Tommy.

TL: This was meant to be a surprise for me and I think it’s turned out to be a surprise for Carrie.

CB: Is this not exciting for you?

TL: It’s very exciting to chat to Brodie and Brodie is a Collingwood legend. Brodie, would you like to tell Carrie what you’re doing on Saturday while the Grand Final is on?

BG: I will be recovering from laser eye surgery so I will not be there. I’m just going to lay it out there that I am categorically not playing on Saturday.

TL: Even if you didn’t have the eye surgery, and as I said you are a Collingwood legend, but when was the last time you played a game for the Pies?

BG: Anzac Day, 2022, and then I got traded.

CB: Aww Brodie, I mean you’re still a star player in my eyes. I mean I thought you were still playing, I’m so sorry. I suggested we get you on.

TL: He’s still playing. Just not for Collingwood. Haven’t you seen him the Dees?

CB: Oh, has he? But he’s awesome. Just for a different team.

TL: He’s a ripper and one of the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet and I am still, regardless of whatever team you play for, wherever you end up playing for, I still will always have a soft spot in my heart for you.

CB: So we can’t talk about the Pies’ grand final?

TL: We can. I’m sure he’ll have insight. And I have watched Brodie in a grand final before. Brodie do you think the Pies will get up on Saturday?

BG: They’d have to be favourites surely. I think the fact it’s being played at the ‘G plays into the Pies’ favour. It should be good. A sea of black and white. I’m sure they’ll turn up in droves and it’s a good vibe for the city to have a big Collingwood team up and going.

CB: Were you disappointed it wasn’t Pies-Carlton.

TL: I think he would have preferred it if it was Pies-Melbourne.

*Laughing heard in the background

CB: What I mean is if it was between the Brisbane Lions and….

TL: Between all the other teams he doesn’t play for.

BG: I think a footy lover would have loved that. There’s so much rivalry between Collingwood and Carlton hey. So Get the popcorn out.

CB: Just talk to me about your footy stuff. He doesn’t get it. I get it.

Grundy took it in his stride with a laugh and said he would be happy to come back on the show.

Grundy also replied to the show’s Instagram post with a message that included laughing emojis: “This is awkward ey”.

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