Australian Formula 1 superstar Daniel Ricciardo makes candid insecurity revelation

Daniel Ricciardo, like most Formula 1 drivers, enjoys the perks of being one of just 20 drivers in the incredibly lucrative sport.

The multimillion-dollar contract, the fast cars and the glamour lifestyle come with the territory and, despite a rough couple of years on the grid, Ricciardo remains one of the most popular competitors in motorsport.

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So it comes as a surprise when an athlete of Ricciardo’s standing and profile discusses his insecurities.

But that’s what the 34-year-old Aussie did in a candid interview with comedian Noel Miller.

Canadian-born, American-raised Miller has a talk show on YouTube called Hot Laps, where he interviews people on a working go-kart that comes complete with a built-in desk. Stay with us here.

A motorsport fan, Miller interviewed Ricciardo at a Red Bull event at Lower Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee and the debut episode of the new season of Hot Laps has just dropped.

Miller asks Ricciardo some surprisingly personal questions and gets the West Australian talking, including asking him if he has any insecurities, despite his handsome reputation and trademark smile.

“Of course. If I say no, people are going to call me a liar because everyone has insecurities,” Ricciardo said.

“It’s not to a point where I’m like oh yeah, I need to get surgery or get that fixed.

“Like my nose I would say is like the Italian kind of … maybe I don’t have the coolest profile shot in the world.

“But it’s not to a point that I’m like ‘yeah I need to get a nose job’. I’m also very much like, we were made to look unique and ourselves, so we have to embrace that and be comfortable.

“That’s what makes me, me, and whatever your features are make you, you.

“I’m totally OK with that.”

Ricciardo has also become known as something of a prankster, willing to take the unconventional route in interviews and the like.

His profile erupted following the launch of the Netflix series Drive to Survive with the Australian starring in the early seasons in particular.

Ricciardo said it was just his natural personality coming through as his confidence grew.

“I was always a bit of a s**thead,” he said. “I was cheeky and immature as a kid for sure.

“I always had that bit of mischief or whatever.

“But I think the more interviews you do, the more you just feel comfortable doing it, the more you feel you can be yourself.

“I want a bit of my personality to come out in that. I don’t want to be too robotic and straight down the line.

“But it comes with a bit of time and confidence.”

After winning seven Grands Prix and twice finishing third in the world championship over his initial seven-year stint with the Red Bull team, Ricciardo’s troubles after shifting to Renault and then McLaren are well known.

His surprise return with AlphaTauri midway through the 2023 season, having been off the grid as a back-up Red Bull driver earlier in the year, was a feel good story of the campaign.

While Ricciardo is comfortable being back among the sport’s best, he still finds time to marvel at where his career his taken him.

“I definitely still get moments, even now sitting here on Broadway and the whole street is closed pretty much for an event I’m doing today, that’s wild,” he told Miller.

“I definitely don’t feel like a fraud or anything. I feel like I’ve built up over the years to get to this place. But it also still feels crazy because I still feel like the kid from Perth.

“I trip balls a lot, just where this world takes me and even people I meet, I’m like how is this person in my house right now or having dinner with me.

“But that’s a good feeling, it makes you appreciate the ride that you’re on.”

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