Australians reveal where they earn six figure salaries

Australians have candidly revealed their earnings online, with some saying they’re happy on $70,000 in a job they love while others boasted of taking home more than $300,000 a year.

A project engineer reported an average income of $270,000 with a minimum bonus of $50,000 plus super in the Reddit thread.

“Don’t hate it, but wouldn’t be working if I didn’t need money,” the user wrote.

“Earnt basically double working overseas. Always looking for the next opportunity to get out of Perth again (for the right price lol).”

A safety consultant added that they earn $220,000, while a crane worker revealed that they earn $200,000 to “mostly just sit in a ute and browse reddit”.

A mortgage broker also shared their $230,000 salary, comparing the pros and cons of the job.

They wrote that while they’re able to help young people and first home buyers “achieve their dream of ownership”, the job can take a toll.

“Can be long hours, lots of paperwork … having to deliver bad news from time to time can take its toll on the soul and mental wellbeing,” they wrote.

“Also there’s a perception we are all out for ourselves which couldn’t be the furthest from the truth when you find a good one.”

Others flooded the comment section of the thread, with one writing that after 10 years of teaching they now earn $118,000 and won’t be receiving a pay rise “ever again” aside from “occasional industry adjustments”.

“It’s very dumb,” they wrote.

Another user questioned the validity of the reports, pointing out that the replies suggest that the average salary of those in the Perth subreddit is between $130-150,000.

“Is it reporting bias, over exaggeration or real? How many are including super to make themselves sound better?” the user asked.

Regardless, it’s clear that not everyone is earning six figures: in fact, most Australian’s earn far less.

Statistics from the Australian Taxation Office have found that the average taxable income in Australia sat at $68,289 during 2020-2021.

Men earned just over $20,000 more than women across that year, sitting at $79,524 compared to women’s average taxable income of $56,739.

Additionally, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the average weekly total earnings of a full-time adult was $1,900 in May this year.

The average for all employees as of May this year is $1,400.

These statistics were echoed in the subreddit, with many chiming in with salaries less than six figures.

One Reddit user claimed they earn $50,000 as a “support staff executive”.

However, they wrote that they’ve taken on the role of “coffee maker, tech support, IT admin, compliance, marketing, support staff, admin, floor manager”.

“Could only wish for a better job where I’m appreciated for the work I do … also wish for a better place where I’m not taken advantage over for my skills just because I’m capable. one can only hope,” the user added.

An education assistant added that they make just over $50,000 per year.

“Do I love my job? Definitely yes. Do I think Education Assistants are underpaid? Severely,” the user commented.

Other salaries shared in the thread included $45,000 before tax for an apprentice chef, $80,000 for project admin, and $50,000 for a retail manager.

“Retail manager 50k, average AF but I’ve stockholme syndromed myself into loving it soo. burn my store down and free me from my prison (don’t actually),” one commented.

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