Bathurst 1000 Supercars: Parking blunder leaves fans stranded

Supercar fans have been left unable to access their own vehicles after the Bathurst 1000 after a huge parking blunder.

One disgruntled fan took to social media to reveal how he and dozens of others were instructed to park in rows before they were parked in by other drivers.

Richard Fulton said he was instructed to put his car in a row at the event’s public parking before coming back and being unable to drive it out later that day.

“Guided by the paid staff so they park you in a row of 3,” he said.

“Please explain how the middle cars able to get out? I’ve left my car there so will have to go back later!”

Not only that, but Mr Fulton was the victim of an “inventive” prank by another motorsport fan.

“It gets better went down at 7.30 to get my car to find some inventive person has attached a horn to my trailer plug,” he wrote.

“Every time I braked the horn honked, well as long as they had fun.”

The mishap couldn’t have happened at a busier event, with officials expecting crowds to top the all-time record of 207,205 attendees set in 2012.

Other motorsport fans also revealed how they were caught up in the parking blunder.

“Soo many cars parked In including ours. I couldn’t leave to drop off my grand daughter. Stuck there til after 6pm. Thanks Bathurst Council & the idiot drivers that just couldn’t count,” one person wrote.

“I wonder if the person directing the cars was like – I’m bored – this will be fun – let’s see if anyone realises as they get out of their car to head in,” another wrote.

Other attendees said drivers could take some of the blame for the double parking.

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