Boxing 2023: Jermell Charlo blasts Tim Tszyu in blistering spray, mocks his name ahead of Canelo Alvarez fight

Tim Tszyu says Jermell Charlo is “delusional” after the American boxing superstar labelled the Aussie a “paper champion” in a blistering spray.

Charlo will take on Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez on Sunday AEST in a boxing mega fight after opting to vacate his superwelterweight belts in a bid to become super middleweight champion.

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The shock decision to move up two divisions ruined Tszyu’s dreams of fighting Charlo and taking his belts off him to becoming undisputed world champion.

This year Tszyu has defeated the only man to beat Charlo, Tony Harrison, and knocked out Carlos Ocampo in a minute before his hopes of a unification world title bout went up in smoke.

The 28-year-old will take on Brian Mendoza on Sunday October 15 on the Gold Coast in what is expected to be his last fight on Australian soil for some time.

Charlo has repeatedly mocked Tszyu and he did it again, intentionally mispronouncing his name as “Tim Ta-Zoo” in an interview with Main Event’s Ben Damon in Las Vegas.

“Right now Tim Tszyu is considered a paper champion,” Charlo told Damon.

“If he gets the WBO (belt) and they elevate him, he’s a paper champion.

“A champion that didn’t have to do anything.

“A spar champion.

“I had to knock everybody out for my belts.


“So if Tszyu is watching, hey, don’t be too high up on your horse because you didn’t do nothing in boxing.”

Charlo explained his decision to go up two weight classes to fight Alvarez instead of Tszyu.

“Of course I’m going to take a bigger opportunity like Canelo over Tim Ta-Zoo,” he said.

“Who is Tim Ta-Zoo? Australia knows, but not the world of boxing.

“He’s not a legitimate champion. He fought Ocampo. Who is Ocampo?

“He didn’t fight dog tough, hard, hard fights. So keep on going. Maybe he’ll get opportunity.

“But I’m the man. I’m the one who did it in boxing.

“Tim Ta-Zoo didn’t do nothing in boxing.

“So tell him to stay humble, keep quiet and time will tell.

“I’m going to fight and make quadruple the money he ever will probably see his whole career.

“Tim Ta-Zoo hasn’t done s*** in boxing.”

Asked for his prediction for Tszyu’s fight against Mendoza, Charlo said: “Mendoza is knocking Tim Ta-Zoo out

“Now what yah gunna say? Holler at me.”

Shown footage of Charlo’s spray, Tzsyu laughed at him, flipping the bird as he watched Charlo unleash.

“Look how psyched he is,” Tszyu chuckled.

“Knock, knock. I’m coming.”

Asked for his response to being called a “paper champion”, Tszyu said: “F…, well, he’s the one who was supposed to fight me, man.

“It’s quite simple. “He had the opportunity, I had the opportunity, and he’s the one that went running.

“Just for money, that’s all it was.”

Charlo neglected to mention Tszyu’s dominant stoppage win over Harrison in March.

“He knows,” Tszyu said.

“He’s just in his own little world. Canelo will teach him a lesson.”

The undefeated Aussie said Charlo’s latest spray is just proof he’s getting in his head.

“Tim Tszyu said this, Tim Tszyu said that, the guy is stuttering, losing the plot,” Tszyu said.

“What can I do?

“Hopefully (the fight happens).

“Just watching that gets me more psyched to give him a little backhand.”

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