Candice completely avoids Sunrise question on David Warner Baggy Green mystery

Candice Warner has expertly avoided live TV curve ball when after she was questioned about the mystery of her cricket star husband David’s missing Baggy Greens.

Warner ended his 112 Test match career with a huge send off at his home ground of the SCG, guiding Australia to a 3-0 clean sweep after hitting a second innings 57 in the eight-wicket victory.

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But as it often seems with Warner, it was not the only thing surrounding Warner in the lead up to his farewell.

A day out from the match, Warner took to Instagram to reveal that “someone has taken my backpack out of my actual luggage which had my backpack and my girls’ presents in there.

“Inside this backpack were my baggy greens. That’s sentimental to me and it’s something I’d love to have back in my hands walking out there come this week,” he said.

It led to calls all the way up to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese for anyone who may have taken the cap to return it.

Warner walked out with a replacement Baggy Green to start the Test, but the hat was miraculously found a matter of days later with Warner able to finish up with the iconic cap.

But that’s where the mystery took a twist as the bag was found at the team hotel in Sydney with all the contents, including the Baggy Green, inside.

Cricket Australia confirmed to that the bag had been found within the hotel.

This is despite Warner initially stating the backpack had been removed from his luggage, but Cricket Australia confirmed this wasn’t the case.

Instead it had simply been misplaced — and not discovered in an extensive search of the team hotel.

It left more than a few people sceptical of the story, with even the Sunrise banner saying it could have been “a prank gone wrong”.

Asked about the mystery on Sunrise on Friday, Candice stuck to the script and didn’t let a lot go.

“It’s always busy in our household, especially last week,” Candice said.

“It was an unbelievable week. A week of reflection and just celebration for us.

“But, I mean, that’s a question for, you know, security, management.

“The end of the day, he got his Baggy Greens back. That’s the main thing.”

Former Ironwoman Candice, who was appearing alongside daughters Indi and Ivy to promote a new campaign aiming to reduce drowning deaths, was then pushed further before expertly deflecting the conversation to her cause.

“Again, like I said, that’s up for the management and stuff like that,” Candice said. “We’re here today for Nutri-Grain and for Surf Lifesaving Australia. Can girls cannot wait for this weekend’s racing at Maroubra Beach.”

Candice is not the only one who has remained tight lipped after Aussie skipper Pat Cummins and David Warner also avoided the question when asked after the Test.

“It’s probably not my story to tell,” Cummins said. “Maybe talk to Davey.”

Warner then strolled into the post-match press conference, with the baggy green safely atop his head, and suggested questions should be asked of the team’s security.

“You’re going to have to ask security. I wish I’d played a prank like that,” he said.

“You’ll have to ask Frank (Dimasi) or Stu Bailey (security staff). I literally got it handed to me and there was nothing (said to me). That’s legitimate.”

So it seems maybe we’ll never know what happened to the caps.

Or maybe we’ll just have to wait for the book release.

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