Collingwood fan’s awkward tattoo fail after Premiership win

In an unfortunate mistake, one Collingwood fan has been left with a botched tattoo following the Pies nailbiting win over Brisbane on Saturday.

The crucial error left the Collingwood fan fired up, having wanted a “Flagpies 2023” tattoo.

“I think I did pretty good for 10 cans deep, aye,” a man said, leaning on a table in a video posted to TikTok.

Shortly afterwards someone points out that the “Flagpies” tattoo reads 2020 rather than 2023.

“You did a zero instead of a three?” he arked up.

“This is the most Collingwood thing ever and I love it,” one person commented, with many others having a laugh in the comment section.

Daniel Priest, a 28-year-old from Melbourne’s North, seemed to have better luck immortalising Collingwood’s four point win.

Talking to on Grand Final day, he said that he got his “ballsy” Flagpies 2023 tattoo last Thursday, well before the win.

While he’s a massive Pies fan, he said that the tattoo was “just for a laugh”.

“Why not, it’s a good story to tell, create some conversation … And I’m f***ing fired up about the game, so I thought why not?” he said.

He added that he was feeling a tad nervous coming up to the game, which he described as “the biggest day of his life to date”.

Despite this, he was confident that there wouldn’t be any cover up tattoos even if things didn’t pan out.

“I’m gonna rep it forever, it’ll be a funny story to talk about.”

Lucky for Priest, Collingwood won their 16th Premiership.

“Waking up this morning with a bit of relief, the Pies are premiers and the tattoo paid off. Was never in doubt,” he told on Sunday morning.

For him, following Collingwood has been a lifelong endeavour.

“The pies, I really had no choice. I just remember waking up one day and bang, I was following the Pies.

“I think me dad didn’t really give me a choice,” he added.

“I think as a as a kid, like instead of watching the Wiggles he’d sit me in front of the TV and I’d be watching the footy instead. It’s therapeutic. I just watch every game.”

Priest wasn’t the only one that jumped the gun and got an early 2023 Premiers tattoo.

The Herald Sun reported earlier this year that one eager Carlton fan got a 2023 Premiers tattoo as early as last December.

Tommy, a tradie from North Carlton, said that the decision came after the heartbreaking loss of Carlton to Collingwood in round 23 last year.

“Something popped up in my mind and I said to myself ‘I don’t care if we lose today as long as we win the grand final,” the 25-year-old had said.

“I had an out of body experience in the last quarter. I visioned Charlie Curnow kicking the winning goal at the Punt Road end, but it actually wasn’t for that game against Collingwood, it was for the 2023 grand final.”

Unfortunately, the hopeful tattoo wasn’t enough to secure Carlton a spot in the Grand Final, with the Blues being knocked out by the Lions in a 16 point loss.

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