Conor McGregor accused of cheap Rolex gift, storm erupts around UFC star

Conor McGregor is under fire after being accused of giving a cheap gift to an employee.

The former UFC world champion’s net wealth has been valued at more than $300m — so it’s easy to see why his gift of choice hasn’t gone down so well with some fans.

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The Irish fighter shared a moment with his followers on social media where he surprised an employee with a gift while visiting his Black Forge Inn pub in Dublin.

The 35-year-old showed off his act of generosity on his Instagram page when he handed over a luxury Rolex watch.

McGregor told followers the gift was a surprise for Ed Raethorne, the head chef of the establishment, who celebrated his 50th birthday.

“A big happy birthday. Happy 50th birthday to you,” McGregor said in the video shared.

“I want to thank you for all the amazing work you do, we are very grateful to have you here. I have a big gift for you. I want to give it to you on your 50th birthday.

“You’ve joined the Rolex club. Your work is astounding, mate. Keep going, we appreciate you.”

Fans have spotted details on the time piece that suggest it is among the cheapest Rolex’s on the market.

The watch would still be worth thousands and one publication has estimated it could be worth up to $80,000.

“Bro couldn’t even give him a nice Rolex,” one fan wrote in the comments.

Another fan wrote: “Why do I get the feeling it’s a Re-gift? You know?… Like Connor found one laying around in his closet and was like ‘I’ll give it to my head chef’.”

Raethorne shared a video of the exchange on his Instagram account, where he thanked his boss in a heartfelt post. “What can I say, a huge thanks for such an amazing birthday present, always going above and beyond looking after me,” he wrote.

“Such a beautiful and generous gift and for him to present it to me personally was such a massive honour. One I’ll never forget.”

McGregor was in 2020 named the highest earning athlete on the planet by Forbes.

McGregor has fought just three times since 2018, and lost to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in 2021 when he was forced to retire with a broken leg.

However, he is set to return soon – with a fight against Michael Chandler mooted.

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