Gervonta Tank Davis knocks out Frank Martin with hellacious blows in eighth round

Returning to the ring for the first time since April 2023, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis returned in style with an eighth-round knockout of previously unbeaten Frank Martin in Las Vegas.

Martin, who boasted 18-0 with 12 knockouts before Sunday’s fight, was no match for Davis, now 30-0, as the champion defended his WBA lightweight title.

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Davis was coming off a statement with a seventh-round knockout of Ryan Garcia, while Martin, challenging for his first world title, established himself as one of the top young contenders in the lightweight division and was expected to be a tough test for the champion.

It was a predictably slow start from Davies, who failed to land anything of note in the first round, while Martin was the more active of the two, working well off the back foot and landing some nice left hands to the body.

That continued in the second round as Martin was again the more active of the two in the second, persistently pocketing a 49 to Davies’ 16, although he scored just six compared to the champion’s four.

Martin landed a powerful combination in the latter stages of the third round and at that point was doing everything he needed to move up the list, although Davis was expected to pick his moment to really lift him up.

Davis began to really open up late in the fourth and pressured Martin, landing an uppercut before the challenger quickly countered.

While Martin was certainly taking it to the champion, Davis showed no signs of intimidation, taunting his rival to pounce on him as early as the fifth round.

Martin continued to miss with a big left as Davis backed him to the ropes, who in turn landed a few punches and continued to stalk his challenger and back him into the corners.

The threat of Davis’ power and his relentless pressure began to dampen Martin’s attack especially in the seventh round, and the champion threw and landed more at that point.

Martin delivered another warning shot to the champion, as he landed a left hook that left Davis reeling at the end of the round.

But it was only a matter of time before Davis erupted, sending Martin down with a huge left hand.

“That left hand is just deadly … Tank Davis’ left hand is legendary,” Mauro Ranallo said in a commentary.

Originally billed as Gervonta Davis sent the crowd into a frenzy with a ‘deadly’ knockout of Frank Martin

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