Gold Coast council orders home to be partially demolished over 40cm violation

A Queensland family must demolish 1.5 metres of their newly finished home after building it just 40cm away from their neighbour’s place.

Two next door neighbours in the Gold Coast have been locked in a bitter feud for months and now one of them has emerged as a clear winner.

At the beginning of the year, it was widely reported that Kathy Morin and Devon Matsalla had been left seething because the house beside theirs was built so close that tradies were unable to put up scaffolding to complete the home.

After many complaints, in May, the local council has deemed that the home beside them violated planning permits in place, A Current Affair reported.

The Gold Coast Council gave them six months to remove the offending parts of the home which means the knockdown job should be starting soon.

Ms Morin told the program: “Finally justice was done”.

“We’d been waiting so long and so stressed out,” she added.

The saga began when the neighbours of Ms Morin and Mr Matsalla began building with plans that did not meet council’s “setback” requirements in regards to how close a house should be to its boundaries.

However, the build went ahead anyway in the belief it had all been approved and was above board.

When it became clear that the construction work had violated regulations, a planning company working for their neighbour lodged a minor change application to obtain retrospective approval, which they obtained.

But Ms Morin and Mr Matsalla claim the change was not minor at all.

They have since secured a major victory following the council’s order for their neighbour to give the house a haircut.

It comes as a UK council sensationally ordered a homeowner to demolish his $350,000 (£200,000) four-bed “monster mansion” — because his neighbours hated it so much.

Gurwinder Singh bulldozed his modest semi-detached house and replaced it with a whopping property which has made locals‘ lives “hell”, The Sun reports.

And the local council has now slapped Mr Singh with an enforcement notice ordering him to tear the home down after discovering he‘d never applied for planning permission.

Instead, he‘d only been given the green light for a modest extension to the existing 1960s house.

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