Indigenous Voice news: Anthony Mundine threatens Anthony Albanese over mosque visit

Anthony Mundine has threatened to “raise hell” if Prime Minister Anthony Albanese attempts to return to a mosque.

The former boxer issued his extraordinary declaration in a video clip that is quickly spreading across the internet.

The video shows the former world champion describing the Indigenous Voice to Parliament proposal, which would embed a permanent Indigenous-led advisory body into the Australian Constitution, as a move to “enslave humanity”.

His outburst follows Mr Albanese’s visit to Lakemba mosque in western Sydney on Friday.

Mr Albanese addressed a congregation of Australian Muslims following a service and publicly called for ongoing support from the Muslim community for the ‘Yes’ campaign.

It comes as a hammer was dropped on the Voice to Parliament proposal on Monday with new poll results suggesting the referendum would be a landslide win for the ‘No’ vote when Australia votes on October 14.

Mundine on Sunday night again declared his support for the ‘No’ vote and issued a scathing attack on the Prime Minister and Muslim community leaders.

“Listen I’ve f***ing had enough, they’re bringing the Prime Minister to the place of worship, the mosque, and pushing this ‘Yes’ s***,” Mundine said in the video.

“Pushing you, asking you, to go and give yourself, and enslave humanity, and enslave the people, asking you to push this new world order s***.”

Mundine went on to single out Mr Albanese, criticising the Labor leader’s decision to condemn the “abhorrent attack on Israel” by Palestinian militant group Hamas.

“If he comes to the mosque, wallahi, wallahi, I’ll bring a group of brothers and we’re gonna f***ing raise hell,” he said. “It’s on now, it’s f***ing on.”

Mundine in August urged Australians to vote ‘No’ in the upcoming referendum, arguing the Voice was a tool to take away Indigenous Australian’s sovereignty.

Mundine posted a video on his official Instagram page on Sunday night where he made similar comments about the Voice referendum and Mr Albanese’s call out to the Muslim community.

He said he was “very disappointed” in the Muslim faith leaders that have showed public support for the ‘Yes’ vote.

“With a Prime Minister that supports Israel. And them killing our brothers and our sisters over there. We should be opposing everything they do,” Mundine said.

“They’ve done nothing for us Muslims. All us blackfellas. And they want to give us a voice. A so-called voice that’s smoke and mirrors. Or some other agenda. To take our freedoms. To take our liberties. To take our land.

“It’s the biggest land grab of all time. Vote No you mob. The truth will come to light.”

In another video posted on his Instagram page, Mundine said: “Don’t fall for the trickery. It’s a new world order take over. It’s a land grab. This country wants to become a republic and in order to become a republic they have to be the owners of the land. The traditional owners do. The natives do.”

Meanwhile, NRL star Nathan Cleary last week launched public support for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament proposal.

The Penrith Panthers grand final hero revealed his support for the Voice in a video that showed him wearing a ‘We Support the Uluru Statement T-shirt’.

Cleary said in the video: “No Voice means no choice. C’mon, Australia, vote Yes.”

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