Kmart recall: Metal chairs recalled over hazard risk, Full refund offered in stores

Kmart has issued another recall of a popular furniture item sitting in lounge rooms across the country after more hazardous incidents were reported.

The metal chairs were first recalled in 2016 after a defect was discovered on the inside bottom of the chair legs that could cause “entrapment or laceration”.

The retail giant was forced to issue a fresh recall on Thursday after “several incidents” were recently reported.

“At Kmart, we take the quality and safety of our products very seriously which is why we are re-issuing a 2016 product safety recall,” a Kmart spokesperson said.

“Several incidents have occurred since the launch of the recall, therefore we strongly encourage customers to seek appropriate resolution.”

The metal chairs – which come in red, white and black – were sold in stores across the nation from July 2014 but were pulled from shelves in March 2016 after the first recall notice was issued.

Customers are encouraged to return the chairs for a full refund at any Kmart store.

Alternatively, they can ask for a free plug insert kit which can be used to repair the problem and make the chairs safe to use.

No proof of purchase is required to receive the plug kit.

Chairs impacted by the recall can be identified by a keycode located on a sticker under the chair and includes those marked with the codes 42024705, 42122609 and 42127949.

Customers can contact Kmart customer service for more information.

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