Kyle Walker sex scandal takes twist with Lauryn Goodman fleeing UK after wife Annie Kilner apology

Lauryn Goodman is fleeing the UK just days after it was revealed English football star Kyle Walker is the father of both her children.

The social media influencer was seen pushing suitcases covered in her children’s initials, which they share with the footballer, at Gatwick Airport on Sunday morning, The Sun reports.

It has provided yet another twist in the sex scandal that has rocked the UK after the Manchester City defender was dumped earlier this week after his wife Annie Kilner was sent a message about a “second love child” with Lauryn.

On the same day it has also emerged Kilner has stopped wearing her wedding ring, while Goodman is reported to have been uninvited from her sister’s wedding as a result of the circus.

The model is understood to have bluntly written: “I don’t have two baby daddies — I have one.”

Walker, 33, was then dumped by his wife after admitting he was indeed the father.

New photos show Goodman appeared calm and emotionless as she boarded her flight overseas, taking extreme action to escape the public storm.

The 32-year-old showed off her figure in a cropped jumper and black leggings as she checked in three suitcases – branded with ‘KW’.

Lauryn and her two kids are flying first class as they escape the drama surrounding Walker.

Walker yesterday apologised to Annie — who has sons, Roman, Riaan and Reign, with the player — after she announced she was “taking time away” from him.

He wrote on Instagram: “Annie is an amazing woman and I can only apologise for the upset I’ve caused her.”

She had previously been humiliated after Kyle was unmasked as the father of Lauryn’s son Kairo, born in April 2020.

They conceived the youngster during their short relationship when Kyle was temporarily split from Annie Kilner – who dumped him this week.

In November 2021, Kyle and Annie – who have three sons together — got married, before announcing their separation.

In March 2023, Lauryn revealed that she was expecting her second child – and kept tight-lipped about her daughter’s paternity, only revealing he “is a footballer”.

But on Boxing Day Kyle’s betrayal finally caught up with him.

A source said: “Lauryn had enough of the lies so told Annie everything on Boxing Day.

“Annie was stunned but knew ultimately that Lauryn was telling her the truth. There is no hiding that fact. She thought she deserved to know the truth.”

The couple met as teenagers in their home city of Sheffield.

But their troubles began after he made a £50 million move from Tottenham to Manchester City in 2017.

In 2019 it emerged he had romped with Ex On The Beach star Laura Brown in his Bentley.

Model Annie kicked him out but gave him another chance.

He was moving his stuff back in when he had a brief fling with Lauryn and she fell pregnant. Kyle moved out of the family home and began renting a luxury £8,000-a-month apartment in nearby Hale, Cheshire.

He pleaded with Annie to take him back but was then exposed for breaking Covid rules by hosting a £2,200 orgy with two hookers.

Lauryn gave birth to Kairo in April then publicly unmasked Walker as his dad.

Annie took him back again and he proposed with a £250,000 ring.

The couple wed in December 2021 at Mottram Hall, Cheshire.

It comes as the player romped with Ex On The Beach star Laura Brown in his Bentley and was caught after a night with two sex workers during the pandemic.

Last March the City star was seen on CCTV exposing himself in a bar and kissing a woman.

He dirty-danced with the woman — not his wife — and a female friend after he arrived at the Manchester venue drunk with male pals.

Walker later voluntarily attended a police station for an interview for indecent exposure.

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