Lebanon’s Hezbollah chief: Hamas negotiates on behalf of the entire Axis of Resistance

BEIRUT: Lebanon is awaiting the outcome of the Doha talks on a ceasefire in Gaza and the withdrawal of the army from its southern front.

Israel renewed its threats of a full-scale war in Lebanon, hampering the negotiations.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Badr Abdel Ati and his Jordanian counterpart Ayman Safadi warned of the dangers of expanding the war in Lebanon.

During a joint press conference with Safadi in Cairo, Abdel Ati warned of the “dangers of an escalation that could destabilize Lebanon and lead the region to an all-out war.”

Safadi stressed the importance of “preserving Lebanon, its security, stability and preventing the war from spreading there.”

Military operations in southern Lebanon did not stop on Wednesday.

Artillery shelling in the town of Markaba and the outskirts of Hunin caused a house fire.

As firefighting teams from the Hezbollah-affiliated Islamic Health Organization worked to extinguish the flames, an Israeli warplane dropped a bomb nearby, injuring one person.

Israeli warplanes targeted an uninhabited house in the town of Tair Harfa.

Later, Israel’s Channel 14 said that “about 20 missiles were detected coming from Lebanon towards the Upper Galilee. The sirens sounded on Dan Dafna HaGoshrim Snir and Sha’ar Yashuv in the Finger of Galilee.”

The Hezbollah-affiliated Al Manar TV channel reported that “fires broke out on the northern slopes of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights after missiles fell on an enemy artillery site in Zaura.”

Israeli airstrikes intensified at dawn on the border town of Kafr Qila. There were five raids in less than an hour.

The Israeli military said it targeted “two Hezbollah sites that use air defense systems in Jinta in the interior of Lebanon and Barahit in the south, with no casualties reported.”

Five Israeli airstrikes on the outskirts of the town of Nabi Shit in the Baalbek region on Tuesday night resulted in civilian casualties.

Al Arabiya TV reported that an Israeli security source said: “The Israeli army is ready for a ground operation on several fronts.

The source said: “Israel has discovered thousands of Iranian-linked militiamen on Syrian territory and we expect heavy fighting on the fronts in Lebanon and Syria.”

The source added: “Three additional teams of Israeli ground forces are ready at the Northern Command and the Israeli General Staff is ready with air and naval weapons.”

Sheikh Naim Qassem, deputy secretary general of Hezbollah, said in a statement: “Israeli aggression would not have lasted nine months if America had not supported it with everything at the military, media, cultural and political levels, as well as international sponsorship and pressure.” in the UN Security Council”.

Kassem added: “At the moment there is talk about the possibility of a deal, but if America continues to behave in the same way, Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister) will not respond because he feels that the Americans are not putting enough pressure on him.” “

He said Netanyahu would have to end the war if the Americans applied “the right pressure.” “Right now they are making it easier for him to commit crimes by killing children and women in Gaza.” The Gaza experience is upon us. The Israelis originally planned to destroy Gaza in three months, but nine months passed and they failed. If they continue, they will fail, and Israel should not expect the Palestinians to give up.

Addressing “some big countries that are looking for a solution”, Qassem said: “The solution starts with a ceasefire, and any other option will not lead to a solution. The fighting either continues or there is a ceasefire. As for us in Lebanon, if they stop in Gaza, we will stop, and if they continue, we will continue.

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