McDonald’s Dessert Menu: Australians fury over Milo McFlurry detail

An Australian customer has let loose at McDonald’s and Nestle for their latest McFlurry offering, blasting the companies for ruining “the best dessert we have ever had”.

The McFlurry aficionado was left outraged as McDonald’s has banned “add-ons” to the Milo McFlurry, meaning customers cannot customise the Milo dessert with extras, such as flakes and toppings.

He took to TikTok, claiming it was a direct assault on Australian identity.

“We’ve got a scandal about this f**ker,” he said.

“Milo McFlurry, customise ingredients, nothing. All you can do is remove the milo and have a f**king plain one. I thought this was a glitch. Went through the drive-through, couldn’t add anything. They actually put the hot fudge in a cup, separate, I had to scoop it in.”

The expletive-ridden TikTok has garnered more than 30,000 views and commenters have been quick to agree with the forthright larrikin reviewer.

“This is a bloody outrage, let’s take this straight to the prime minister!!!” Tyson Truscott writes.

But workers at the fast-food behemoth have revealed the reason for the prohibition, which doesn’t hit other McFlurries like the beloved Oreo option.

“I work at McDonald’s look we hate it too,” TikTokker “hails” writes.

Fury over Macca's Milo McFlurry

“Us employees can’t even add for ourselves. Nestle gave us the rules about it.”

“As a mcdonalds trainer we have been told by regional managers that we cannot add extra milo because of nestles nutrition rules,” another TikTokker posted.

But Russ is not persuaded by the argument Milo is a health product.

“Milo’s not a health food,” he says.

“This is unAustralian by the way, they’re trying to control us. They’re ruining the best dessert we have ever had.”

The Milo McFlurry was first introduced in September.

Nestle is the world’s largest food and beverage business with products like Milo, KitKat and Nescafe.

In an earlier TikTok, Russ expressed great excitement for the arrival of the new McFlurry.

“This is Australian culture,” he said.

“This is the greatest dessert to exist in our lifetime so I can’t f**king wait.”

McDonald’s has been contacted for comment.

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