Miami Dolphins Tyreek Hill faces lawsuit over influencer Sophie Hall’s badly broken leg

NFL star Tyreek Hill is facing more legal trouble after influencer Sophie Hall alleged in a new lawsuit that the Dolphins receiver fractured her right leg with “crushing force” during a football lesson in the backyard of his Florida mansion.

The suit, which was first viewed by The Daily Mail, alleges that Hall, 35, was knocked to the ground with such force that she had to undergo reconstructive surgery following the June incident.

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Hall is suing Hill, 29, for battery, assault and negligence and seeking damages in excess of US50,000 ($77,000), as the New York Post reports.

The influencer alleged that the episode stemmed from an earlier moment when she said Hill felt “humiliated” after she knocked him down during a series of drills.

“Unfortunately, after getting ‘humiliated’ in front of friends and family when he was knocked backwards during a friendly football lesson by his friend Sophie Hall, Tyreek became enraged and forcefully and purposefully shoved Ms. Hall, severely fracturing her leg,” stated the lawsuit, which was filed in Broward County.

In the filing, Hall also alleged that Hill had sent her “flirtatious” messages on Instagram after she enrolled her 10-year-old son into his football camp in May and later flew her out to Florida on June 28.

The Dolphins star then invited her over to his mansion, the suit claims.

After complimenting her son on how well he played as an offensive lineman, Hill suggested Hall should practice the position and instructed her to get into a defensive line stance and encouraged Hall to rush him as if he were a quarterback.

That was when Hall allegedly caused Hill to fall backward during the drill “garnering laughter from the witnesses present at the time, including the defendant’s mother, sister, friend and trainer”.

“Apparently embarrassed by his loss of stability as a result of contact by a woman during the ‘football play’, Mr. Hill’s attitude changed and he became angry,” the suit continued.

“Defendant Hill charged into her violently and with great force, resulting in significant and serious injuries,” the suit alleged.

“The crushing force was so great that she sustained a right leg fracture, necessitating surgery with metal hardware implantation.”

Hall, who has 2 million Instagram followers, claimed that she was in “pain and agony” following the incident, and she still has pain and weakness even with weekly physical therapy.

The lawsuit points to Hill’s checkered history with women without citing any specific incidents.

“Defendant’s actions of striking and/or threatening plaintiff’s person with physical violence went beyond all reasonable bounds of decency and defendant’s actions are to be regarded as outrageous, odious and utterly intolerable in civilized community,” the suit stated.

While Hill had another strong year on the field with Miami, he has had an interesting few months off the field.

Most recently, he was involved in an odd circumstance where his lawyer filed a motion of divorce on his behalf, but later, Hill denied he was splitting with his wife, Keeta Vaccaro, who he had only married months earlier

Hill was hit with two separate paternity suits just a month after he tied the knot with Vaccaro in November.

And in January, Hill’s ​​Florida mansion caught fire after investigators found that a child was playing with a lighter in a bedroom of the home.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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