SAS Australia: Jason Akermanis exposes editing ‘lies’ after controversial exit

AFL legend Jason Akermanis has fired back at criticism over his controversial exit from SAS Australia on Monday.

The Brisbane footy great, 46, quit the reality competition due to a toe injury after the very first episode, being dubbed by viewers as “soft” after the show’s doctor appeared to suggest he was lying about his ailment so he could be medically discharged.

It prompted a heated reaction from fans of the athlete, with one social media user dubbing him a “whinging potato” while another said they “weren’t buying it.”

But speaking on Hughesy, Ed & Erin on Wednesday morning, Akermanis argued he had indeed been suffering a “painful” toe injury called morton’s neuroma – which was in his medical report prior to going on SAS.

“It’s sort of funny when you look back, because I told them I had this [injury] many times, and he [doctor] said, ‘It’s not on your medical’, but they didn’t put it in which meant I looked like I was faking it or soft,” he said.

“I was out anyway. By nightfall I was like, my foot’s killing me, I’m not gonna get better, let’s do it. I’m out.”

Further, Akermanis exposed a host of editing “lies” that had made it to air thus far, adding that the SAS cast group WhatsApp were all discussing how baffling it was to watch the differing events back on TV.

“I love the editing, we’ve been talking about it in the group chat with the cast. The coffin challenge, we were in there for about 15 minutes, not 45 minutes,” he began, referencing a challenge where the competitors were buried alive.

“We ran for 2.5km, not 10km. And when you see the train sequence, it looked like I went first, but I went sixth.

“They’re [editors] putting mayonnaise on stuff that they’re showing.”

Akermanis also said there were several “gruelling” challenges which don’t make it to air, which would explain why the contestants look “gassed”.

“What they don’t show you, we’ll record something and they’ll put it to test audience [before going to air], and they don’t like seeing us doing things like push-ups and burpees, and we do them all the time,” Akermanis said.

“But the audience thinks it’s boring, so they don’t even show that stuff. What you don’t see is us doing 45 minutes of hills and push-ups.

“We look gassed because we actually are.”

Three more celebrities exited the show on Tuesday night’s episode.

‘Cocaine Cassie’ Sainsbury, Lindy Klim and retired NRL star Boyd Cordner all left within 15 minutes.

While Sainsbury and Klim tapped out, Cordner was medically discharged due to a pectoral muscle strain.

The remaining contestants include AFL commentator Abbey Holmes, boxer Anthony Mundine, Thai Cave rescue hero Dr Craig Challen, actor Craig McLachlan, rugby star Mahalia Murphy, Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham, Olympic runner Peter Bol, swimmer Stephanie Rice, Bachelor star Tim Robards and actress Zima Anderson.

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