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The Diriyah Company is bringing Saudi heritage to Harrods in London with a $63 billion development showcase

LONDON: The Diriyah Company is bringing a taste of Saudi culture and heritage to London’s luxury department store Harrods this month, in the form of an exclusive pop-up exhibition highlighting the $63 billion mega-development project underway in Diriyah, the Kingdom’s historic birthplace.

The immersive experience, which opened on Monday and runs until July 26, aims to capture the attention of the 450,000 people expected to visit Harrods this month. The centerpiece of the event is an exhibition with a master plan for the ambitious urban development project, which when completed will be six and a half times the size of Monaco. It will contain hotels, four metro stations and large retail and commercial office spaces.

The centerpiece of the event is an exhibition with a master plan for an ambitious urban development project. (delivered)

Diriiah worked with the Harrods team to transform the space into an exhibition that tells the story of Saudi heritage and architecture, incorporating elements of the traditional Najdi architectural style in a warm color palette of yellows, oranges and browns. The highlight of the event is a showcase of 350 residences developed by luxury brands Ritz Carlton, Baccarat and Corinthia.

“These are the best of the best to work with,” Diriiah’s director of marketing, Kiran Jai Haslam, told Arab News, adding that each brand brings something unique to the project.

The Baccarat residences will be noted for their sophisticated fusion of modern luxury and classic French elegance, including lavish materials and Baccarat crystal accents, he said, while the Corinthia will offer a more family-focused, homey feel and the Ritz Carlton units will emphasize a high level of service. available to residents. Diriiah representatives are available to explain the differences between the brands and highlight their unique selling points, he added, to help visitors understand what each has to offer.

In 2021, Saudi authorities issued a directive allowing non-Saudis with legal residency to buy individual properties in the Kingdom, subject to approval from the licensing authority.

“Additionally, the conversations that we know are taking place right now to open up the properties to foreign investment are really exciting for us,” Haslam said. “We are watching very closely when it will take place.”

“I think many projects in the kingdom will get new life because of the possibility of global interaction in these budgets.” And… I think we’re really going to start attracting some significant talent to the kingdom.”

Six units are available for purchase in the Corinthia development and eight in Baccarat. Haslam said sales at the Ritz Carlton development have moved faster than the company expected, with only 16 of the 106 residences still available.

Visitors passing by Harrods view the master plan of Diria displayed in a pop-up window. (delivered)

The pop-up event at Harrods follows Diriiah’s immersive exhibition in Outernet, London’s entertainment, arts and culture district. The showcases are part of a wider Saudi strategy to promote Diria on the global stage, with upcoming events planned in Los Angeles, New York, Sydney and Paris.

Haslam said the exhibition at Harrods had already received a positive response from early visitors, particularly those for whom the celebration of Arab culture was close to home.

“We are a very emotional project,” he said. “We are a project that provides a kind of unique quality in the essence and pride of the Kingdom.” And so it’s really great to be here and have this interaction.”

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