Tim Tszyu vs Brian Mendoza, fight time, Jeff Fenech slammed over clash with Ben Savva, Hass Hamdan vs Danvers Cuschieri, video, highlights

After a week of jawing between the rival coaches – in which Savva described Fenech as “above the law” – the two men almost got physical following the second fight of the day.

Fenech’s charge Hass Hamdan had just boxed beautifully to win a decision over tough Danvers Cuschieri, winning the bout on all three scorecards 79-73, 78-74 and 77-75.

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After the fight, Fenech could be seen shouting and gesturing across the ring at Savva, who then returned serve – prompting the four-time world champion to rush across and confront his rival, with the pair quickly separated.

Asked afterwards backstage by Fox Sports Australia what had happened, Sava said: “At the end?

“We were being humble, congratulating them and Jeff just started off, as he has been doing for no apparent reason.

“Mouthing off at me as he always does.

“Then he started doing some weird finger gestures so I just did it back to him and he came over being aggressive.

“He’s just a f…ing idiot.

“He’s an absolute moron and Australian boxing knows it.

“The only reason he hates me is I’m the only person who says what every other boxing coach in Australia believes.

“For two years now the guy has been attacking me for no reason.

“Lots of homophobic things which in 2023 seems very out there but Jeff Fenech is above the law as I’ve said before.

“He gets away with it.

“He’s told everyone I’m a s… coach, s… boxer, a nobody.”

Savva said the incident all related by to a comment he made previously about a former Fenech charge, Brock Jarvis – who has since split with the Hall of Famer.

“This relates back to me making one comment once about Brock Jarvis needs to reassess after being dropped by the Mexican,” he explained.

“I said Brock Jarvis probably needs to reassess and refine a few things before he steps up again.

“Just because I could see that he was a little bit vulnerable and as it turns out I was right.

“Ever since Jeff has hated me, attacked me, no idea why. He keeps embarrassing himself, keeps making himself look like an idiot on a loop.

“There you go I’ve got no idea.

“What I said was very polite.

“I said refine a few things before he steps up in level and because I said that two years of pure hatred, he’s a bitter man.

“I don’t even get it.”

During open workout’s this week, the rivalry continued when Fenech approached Savva and presented him with a comic book.

“It was a joke that a 12-year-old would have written,” Savva said on fight night.

“It didn’t make any sense.

“He said ‘read this and it will teach you how to coach’. It was a children’s comic.

“I don’t know.

“But two years of insults and today they got their day.

“Hass boxed beautifully, he has the win, congratulations to Hass.

“As I’ve said all along it’s not me and Jeff fighting it’s Has and Danvers.

“And on the day has got the win, congratulations to Hass … not so much Jeff.”

So as for Hamdan, at a Friday press conference this week, having now called him out for a fight, too?

“I dunno,” Savva laughed.

“I went along with that to try and f…ing distract him, get him thinking about me.

“But I’m happy to do it.

“Not a problem.

“So long as we can agree on weight because I haven’t fought in four years and I was way above him. So we’ll leave that one to simmer”

Originally published as ‘He’s a f***ing idiot’: Jeff Fenech branded a ‘moron’ after rushing rival at Tim Tszyu world title fight

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