Tommy Fury vs KSI boxing fight: Fury an embarrassment to family

When Conor McGregor enters the conversation, you know it’s a farce.

The Irishman has hinted he is interested in fighting KSI after an embarrassing end to the DAZN Misfits event in Manchester on Sunday morning.

KSI lost to Tommy Fury in a controversial majority decision in the co-main event — in a fight that has been scathingly assessed as an amateur-level snoozefest.

The most dramatic moment came after the final bell with KSI promising to protest the result.

“Robbery, it’s a robbery,” KSI told Fury in the ring.

“You weren’t landing, look at your face­. Look at you. I’m the YouTuber and you’re the boxer, you have to win.”

Fury, who entered the fight with a 9-0 professional record was lucky to escape the fight with his record intact after failing to convincingly dispatch his YouTuber opponent.

Fury also risked everything by failing to come out swinging after going behind early in the contest.

Many fight fans did not agree with the judges when the scorecards showed Fury won (57-57, 57-56 x2.

Boxing commentators torched both of the fighters for failing to deliver any excitement — beyond the opening round where KSI landed an early power punch.

Commentator Jonathan Coachman said: “I am shocked. I am absolutely shocked. Logan Paul can’t believe it.

“Hell, KSI is dumbfounded that Fury was deducted a point and somehow still won enough rounds to get the majority decision. I just don’t agree with it.”

Ariel Helwani said on the broadcast: “To me this is a moral victory for KSI and a moral loss for Tommy Fury”.

Fury’s performance was particularly disappointing with Tyson Fury watching on metres from the ring.

It was already pandemonium inside the Manchester Arena after the madness of Logan Paul’s win over Dillon Danis in the co-main event.

And the venue was about to explode when KSI rocked Fury early in their fight.

Fury was deducted a point in round two for punching the back of KSI’s head.

Sport commentator Dubois posted on Twitter: “Tommy Fury is an embarrassment to the Fury name. Tommy Fury hitting KSI in the back of the head, be a man”.

KSI got plenty of fans angry as the fight went into the middle rounds with his apparent deliberate tactics of hugging Fury and forcing the referee to separate them.

Helwani said: “I don’t mean to be rude but this is fairly unwatchable when you’re clinching every two seconds”.

It didn’t get any better from there.

KSI earlier made his way to the ring in a green Lamborghini — and it was probably the highlight of his night.

The pair on Saturday tried to smash through the glass during their final face-off ahead of their fight. And the heated rivalry continued to burn when they stepped into the ring.

Fury, 24, came into the bout having beaten KSI’s arch rival Jake Paul, 26, by split-decision in their February grudge match.

It appears Conor McGregor is now sniffing around an opportunity to join them in the celebrity boxing circus.

“Ya know what. Me and KSI is an exciting fight,” McGregor posted on Twitter.

“A juicy nixer I used to call them back when I was a plumber now I’m on the lambo yacht he’s in a huracan.”

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