Townsville Aldi food waste: Supermarket upset

A video of Aldi staff throwing out a large amount of produce from a store which had only been open for three days has gone viral, sparking outrage and forcing a response from the grocer.

The video was taken of staff at a new Townsville store in North Queensland, showing them offloading fruit and vegetables into a skip bin which was already at capacity.

After outraged members of the public caught wind of the video, Aldi responded and said initial estimates for what the store needed in stock were incorrect and the supermarket had donated what it could.

“As we open in new markets there is always a learning curve, and it was clear that the produce estimate was incorrect resulting in an unfortunate amount of waste,” a spokesperson said.

“A larger volume of produce was ordered than normal to ensure the thousands of local customers who passed through our doors could experience the best.

“Upon realising that the produce was surplus to requirement, Aldi Townsville worked with its local food waste partner OzHarvest donating produce until our food waste partner could no longer accept further donations.”

Other local charities weren’t informed of the leftover produce with Townsville Community Pantry manager Tricia Hatfield telling the ABC the charity would have happily accepted the food.

“We collect from several supermarkets during the week. What we get is stored in a cold room for refrigeration,” she said.

“It goes to people first and if that’s not suitable it will go to a farmer.

“It distresses me a bit to know that there is food being wasted like that.”

Ms Hatfield said considering the time of year, more help is always welcome as demand increases, with 250 families being covered by the charity. | @JordoMc85

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