Townsville pie maker’s horrific injury after being trapped on conveyor belt for an hour

A pie maker in Townsville suffered severe injuries after being trapped inside a conveyor belt for an hour.

The 31-year-old employee at Outback Pie Company suffered multiple fractures in his left arm after it became entangled around a tension roller.

The incident occurred in October 2020 when the worker was cleaning the machinery beneath the conveyor. Unfortunately, his sleeve got caught, pulling him into the system.

The injuries required surgery and a five-day stay in hospital, rendering him unable to work for four months.

Magistrate Richard Lehmann determined that the company, responsible for producing 45,000 pies, sausage rolls, and muffins daily, lacked adequate safety measures.

The company has since modified its safety protocols, mandating the shutdown of the conveyor belt before cleaning.

Outback Pie Company admitted guilt to failing in its primary duty to ensure the health and safety of its workers.

The company received a fine of $55,000, though no conviction was recorded.

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