Undersecretary at Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development heads Kingdom’s delegation at meeting in Tunisia

Riyadh: Qasim University has received a patent from the Saudi Intellectual Property Authority for technology that enables a robot to be powered by electromagnetic energy, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Wednesday.

The technology can be used in various medical and industrial sectors, and works with Android applications, the report said.

The research team included Dr. Fahd bin Nasser Al-Sunaidah, Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Amer Al-Rumaih, Dr. Khaled bin Ali Al-Hassoun, Dr. Fahd bin Nasser Al-Saleem, Dr. Shaaban Abdul-Radi Mahmoud and Dr. Omar Hazem Salim.

In its report, the team stated that the goal was to “transform inventions and research ideas into protected products with an economic return, and to contribute to raising the local and international classification of the university in the patent register.”

Qasim University is one of the best tertiary institutions in the Kingdom and has a mechanical engineering department focused on robotics.

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