‘Very rare’ Chicken McNugget goes on sale for $800

During a cost-of-living crisis, you might find it peculiar to consider spending hundreds of dollars on a single, uneaten and cold Chicken McNugget.

However, unusual listings like this have turned into lucrative ventures for Aussies in the past.

Recently, a seller on Facebook Marketplace caught attention by listing a ‘very, very rare’ Chicken McNugget for an astronomical price of $800.

At over 100 times the cost of $7.30 for a standard six-pack from McDonald’s, according to the seller, what sets this particular McNugget apart from the familiar bell, boot, ball, or bone shapes is its unique “Australia” shape even if it does exclude Tasmania.

However, what has us scratching our heads is the thought of investing in a cold nugget may seem unusual, if not ludicrous, especially amid a cost-of-living crisis.

The average Australian household spends $199 per week on groceries, meaning that this particular nugget is worth four weeks’ worth of food expenses.

Furthermore, the listing price surpasses Australia’s average weekly rent of $588.

How ‘rare’ the nugget actually is in comparison to your standard Chicken McNugget is unclear, but it’s not the only one on Facebook Marketplace.

Apart from the ‘Very, very rare shaped like Australia.’ nugget, enthusiasts of chicken treasure can shell out $10,000 for Donald Trump-shaped nuggets or an Australian-shaped chicken McNugget.

In 2022, a Queensland man placed an ad for a ‘rare’ double chicken nugget priced at $12,345 and actually managed to sell it.

While the nugget did not sell for the full amount, a radio station following the post bought it for $250, giving the man a decent return for his poultry antics.

And we can’t forget probably the luckiest chicken nugget seller among us who sold theirs for close to $100,000 on eBay!

The nugget in question had an uncanny resemblance to a character from the mystery video game “Among Us”, gaining attention from the official “Among Us” Twitter account.

While we don’t expect Chicken McNuggets to become the next get-rich-quick scheme, we can’t help but enjoy discourse surrounding these very rare nuggets.

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