‘What the actual f***’: Kellie Finlayson slams Ricky Gervais for ‘disgusting’ joke

Kellie Finlayson, the wife of AFL player Jeremy Finlayson, has slammed Ricky Gervais for mocking sick children in his upcoming comedy show.

Gervais has been criticised for the joke, which has featured in promotional clips of the comedian’s new Netflix special.

In the comedy special, Gervais explains he does video messages for terminally ill children through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, joking the he always starts the videos by saying: “Why didn’t you wish to get better? What, you f***ing retarded as well?”

Gervais immediately explains he doesn’t use the ‘R-word’ in real life and the joke was just part of his show.

But Finlayson, who is battling bowel and lung cancer, took aim at the Office and After Life star over his choice of words.

“What the actual f***,” Finlayson wrote on an Instagram story.

“I don’t even know why I’m giving this man airtime. But if you’re unsure what my last post was about… This man, @rickygervais is using terminally ill children as the subject of his jokes.

“Disgusting. How this is even still on Instagram for people to see makes me sick. Gross.”

Finlayson said she had followed up with Netflix to complain about Gervais.

“Have had my number blocked by @netflix cofounder @reed2001 by simply asking for a call back to discuss the negative impact the @rickygervais special will have.

“Have spoken to (Netflix CEO) @tedsarandos himself as well as his PA at @netflix and had it flagged. Whether anything happens, which I doubt it will, is a different story.

“It’ll say a lot about his character if he would rather ignore me and earn a bit of money off the bank of terminally ill kids.”

Finlayson, 27, was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer in 2021 after the birth of her daughter Sophia with husband Jeremy, who plays for Port Adelaide.

She shared a positive update earlier this year that her chemotherapy was going “unbelievably well”.

While her diagnosis remains terminal, Kellie will continue to undergo scans to give her a better idea of her long-term prognosis.

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